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Speeding, reckless turns and hungry wolves: Stop blaming Toronto pedestrians for dangerous drivers

Toronto is on track for a record year in pedestrian deaths. If you listened only to the warnings to pedestrians issued by police officers, paramedics and other city officials over the last few weeks, you’d be forgiven for assuming that wolves are roaming our streets. Big wolves, and hungry – with a taste for pedestrian blood. The logic is sound. Over the last month, as the days have grown darker...

Ep. 8: Keep those billionaires in check

Luke is back, and he’s got some pretty wild theories on the legacy of urbanist hero Jane Jacobs. Atlas shrugs! Meanwhile, Matt and Vass share their own reflections on Jane, and how her work influences the way they think about their neighbourhoods. In segment two, your hosts put on their cowboy hats — and apparently nothing else — to talk about all the laws they routinely break in the city. Matt...

Cigarettes, icebergs and dark roads: Toronto’s fiscal future boils down to few scary analogies

City manager Peter Wallace has repeatedly said the city is facing a revenue shortfall that cannot be ignored. Along with Thanksgiving, Halloween and the feeling of existential dread that comes with the realization that winter is coming, one of my favourite parts of October is attending a spectacularly nerdy budget talk delivered by Toronto’s city manager. Held by the Institute on Municipal...

Ep. 7: Flipping the Bird

A cyclist has to go around a car parked in a bike lane on Adelaide Street in Toronto. Luke is away, so Vass and Matt talk about a subject very close to their neurotic hearts: shame. In the first segment, Vass cites both official and unofficial examples of urban shaming. Things like etiquette campaigns for public transit and various attempts to make drivers feel bad for parking in bike lanes...

Ep. 6: Dreamy Mayor Power Rankings

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson speaks to the media after speeches in Daniel's Spectrum. Toronto Mayor John Tory hosted the Toronto Housing Summit. September 30, 2016. Jetsetter Luke kicks things off with more tales from his recent travels. This time, he tells us about Edmonton, where allegedly dreamy mayor Don Iveson has pledged to make his city the “reconciliation capital of Canada” in the wake...

Ep. 5: Luke’s impression of a jet plane

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Winnipeg skyline Luke returns from his sojourn in Winnipeg and tells us how awesome it is. But as that city continues to grow, politicians are considering charging new growth fees to developers. Your hosts ponder what this might mean for Winnipeg’s awesomeness, and whether these kinds of fees help or hinder urbanization. In segment two, things get loud... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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