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Ep. 4: All those Silicon Valley jerks

In this May 13, 2015, file photo, Google's new self-driving prototype car is presented during a demonstration at the Google campus in Mountain View, Calif. Buckle up and put your feet on the dash, because this week Luke, Vass and Matt devote an entire episode to the intriguing, impending and potentially scary topic of self-driving cars. Should we welcome our new robot overlords? The gang...

Ep. 3: A field of extruded Jenga towers

Condo buildings on Charles St. E. and Macy DuBois Ln., September 20, 2016. Luke, Vass and Matt welcome their first-ever guest this week as they’re joined by Alex Josephson, one of the founders of Toronto-based architecture firm PARTISANS and the co-author of a new book called “Rise and Sprawl.” Richard Lautens Toronto's most eligible architect Alex Josephson, of PARTISANS. The gang asks Alex...

Ep. 2: A shipping container in a Beer Store parking lot

Car2Go parking zone on the street on the south side of Niagara west of Bathurst where four of them are bumper to bumper. April 17, 2015 Luke fires up the time machine to kick things off this week, telling Matt and Vass about a government document from 1947 that describes the ideal home for Canadians. Back in the present, Vass shocks the world by telling us what her ideal home looks like. Matt...

Ep.1: A chill Poké pick

People on their mobile devices playing the new Pokemon Go app at Harbour Square Park. On the inaugural episode: Pokemon GO, Transit ridership mysteries & taxing foreign home buyers Join your hosts Vass Bednar, Luke Simcoe and Matt Elliott as they welcome you to the first-ever episode of Metropolis, Metro’s podcast about urban affairs in Canada. To kick things off, Luke takes a hard look at...

Call me an outlaw: I will keep breaking laws on Toronto's streets and I won't apologize

The city has been ticketing pedestrians who walk into intersections once the countdown starts on crossing signals. A confession: when I leave my house today, I am going to break the law. If I decide to ride my bike, I’ll probably make a few “Idaho stops” at low-traffic stop signs, slowing way down and yielding instead of coming to a complete stop with my feet on the ground. And I might even ride...

Toronto is better than this: 'Loon-ball' beer thrower needs to come forward and fess up

Toronto Police Service It should go without saying that Toronto is better than this. In the hours after the incident, the response from Torontonians was swift and universally negative. As baseball moments go, it doesn’t get much better. Extra innings in a do-or-die playoff game. A walk-off home run victory by a Toronto Blue Jays team that struggled to win games down the stretch. A jubilant home... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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