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Ep. 11: Gold-plated cities

Luke and Matt deal existential angst and crushing despair in the wake of the United States presidential election. In an attempt at catharsis, they compartmentalize and discuss two smaller city-related aspects of the Donald Trump presidency.

First, the urban vs. rural divide. Is there reason to still believe society will get more progressive-minded as people move to cities? And what’s the political character of the suburbs?

In the second segment, Matt focuses in on a faintly-visible silver lining to all of this. It turns out Americans in a bunch of cities last Tuesday voted in favour of ballot measures that will fund transit projects. We try to figure out how that makes any damned sense, and then wonder if maybe Canadian cities are too timid when it comes to referenda.

Finally, Luke suggests that he buys a sweater every single day. That’s a lot of sweaters.

Vass Bednar will return.

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Urban vs. Rural divide

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