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Ep. 10: Unpopular Opinion World

Matt and Vass are joined by Bianca Wylie, head of the Open Data Institute Toronto, for a big nerdy talk about Open Data and Canadian cities. Just what is Open Data? Can it really make cities better places to live? Which Canadian cities are doing a great job with it, and which deserve to be relentlessly shamed? And most critically, how do you pronounce the word “data”? Is it like the Star Trek...

John Tory’s SmartTrack strikes out as relief line sits on the bench

During his 2014 campaign to become Toronto's mayor, John Tory pitched using existing rail lines to build 22 new transit stops over seven years. In May 2014, in the midst of an election somewhat less heated than the one down south, mayoral candidate John Tory’s transit plan took a sharp and sudden turn. Where he previously advocated for the relief line subway as Toronto’s top priority, Tory... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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