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Ep. 15: I am not a NIMBY but…

Reunited once again — and feeling so good — the Metropolis team is joined by planner Sean Galbraith, who recently came up with the idea to combine urban planning with pizza.

Like pineapple and ham, it’s a weird combination but it seems to work. Sean tells us why he thinks his offer to host small groups of people to discuss the basics of planning has drawn so much interest, and what that says about the state of planning — which can be very dense — in our cities.

Later, we roleplay. Matt brings out some famous real-world NIMBY scenarios and we get Sean to respond. How should we deal with people who are angry about split-level duplexes, loud neighbours or the fact that the new playground equipment doesn’t match the heritage character of the neighbourhood? It doesn’t use a heritage blue!

Finally, in our thumbs up/thumbs down segment, Vass believes no one should ever apologize to Nickelback, Matt almost buys a bunch of old speed limit signs from the Town of Caledon and Luke gives credit to a man who is fighting for pedestrian safety in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy.

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