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Ep. 16: Doing laundry in Guelph

Luke and Matt are joined by Metro’s own May Warren this week for a deep dive into everything that sucks about housing in Toronto!

We discuss whether it’s really possible to continuously report on the unaffordability of housing without eventually falling into a pit of despair. May strains to find some bright spots to tell us about and we chat a bit about the virtues of renting.

Later, we take a surprise detour to the Guelph, Ont., where it’s remarkably easy to find a beautiful, affordable place to live and also there are full-size laundry machines and, wow, Guelph sounds great. Should we all move to Guelph? Guelph!

We then talk a bit about Airbnb and other app-based services, and whether they’re distorting the market. Matt, as always, is conflicted.

To round things out, Matt gives a thumbs up to the Canadian mayors who signed a letter demanding more governmental powers, while Luke gives some props to Edmonton for their move to provide additional temporary shelter space in this cold, cold winter.

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