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Matt Elliott: Mayor Tory deserves credit for not bending on King St. pilot

Mayor John Tory deserves credit for not bending on the King Street pilot project that prioritizes transit over cars, writes Matt Elliott. Let’s give it up for Mayor John Tory, who has refused to compromise on King Street. During the uproar and ice sculptures that followed the transit pilot's kick-off last November, it must have been tempting to strike a deal with the restaurant owners along...

Matt Elliott: The not-so-magical answer to Toronto's housing crisis

Regent Park is one of the many neighbourhoods in Toronto that has benefited from past City Hall-led pushes to build affordable housing. A little over a decade ago, in the midst of a frustrating hunt for a decent Toronto apartment, my girlfriend and I went to see a two-bedroom place up for rent in the Annex. The $1,600-a-month rent would stretch our budget, but we thought we could swing it. But...

Matt Elliott: What we can learn from the tale of Penny's pool

Penny Oleksiak, shown here at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, trained at a Leslieville pool that almost got the budget axe. A year ago, a rallying community and a personal appeal from Olympic gold medallist Penny Oleksiak were not enough to save the pool at S.H. Armstrong Community Recreation Centre from the budget axe. Citing low program registration numbers and other swimming facilities in the...

Matt Elliott: Toronto's dangerous, icy, slushy sidewalks have got to go

Two people brave slushy sidewalks for a walk near High Park. Call it the pedestrian’s dilemma. It happens every winter. On days when the snow has started to melt away, large swaths of sidewalk become covered in slushy ponds — especially near intersections. These ponds are a terrible mix of water, snow and slush, with slippery ice lurking underneath. Trying to walk through the city, you have two... Archived columns and blog posts by Matt Elliott


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